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art has no limits, it only craves versatility -- tara robinson



29th JUNE 2015

  • I have sold some jewellery already, but still have much much more in my stock!

  • I also have the Facebook Page up and running here!

22nd MAY 2015

  • So I have been super super slack the last YEAR! I haven't had a whole lot of time for completing any jobs, but then again I haven't received any freelance jobs to share. 
  • Any projects I have started in the last year, obviously didn't seem important enough to share on here.

ALAS! I have been dabbling in the art of POLYMER CLAY, and beading, and jewellery making. With a little push from friends I have decided to open a STORENVY Online Store, to sell these said wearable art pieces.

8th JULY 2014
  • I have been playing around with Flash Professional CS6, which is an animation program. In this program I have been playing with an INTRODUCTION to Kali from a rough, but animated view.
  • I have also changed the front cover of of the KALI: GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES, VOLUME ONE, which can be seen below. 
  • We are hoping to have more work completed on it soon, to have it released and available for viewing. 

If you would like to see more of this project please visit our page on Facebook or our website.

31st MARCH 2014

  • So it has been a year since I have written on here, so much has happened, but not so much in the world of art and design.
  • I am however including a BLOG to his website with the "Weekly Drawing Challenge" 

12th MARCH 2013

  • I have been writing a short story called Kali. The drafted summary goes as follows:
Kali must kill to survive. He must kill to absorb energy, thus life. He must travel through time to run. Run not only from The Authority, but from Destiny herself. Destiny want's the love of his life dead, and The Authority want to catch a murdering criminal. How long can he run, before he runs out of life himself?? 
  • I will post the completed story on my Tara Robinson - Author website, but for now I have been working on a digital painting of the cover art for Kali. It can be seen below, or in the Digital Painting gallery.

9th MARCH 2013

  • I've finally finished my "Lambuth Graduation Scrapbook". I started it right after I got home (May 2011) and have only now, almost 2 years later finished all the pages. 
I am proud to have finished this, as if any of you know me I have a lot of "small projects" started, but get distracted between them all and sometimes don't finish them all.

Check it out on my Scrap-booking page! 

19th JANUARY 2013!

Christmas was amazing, and New Years was brought in the right way (beer pong, friends, music at the beach)

Before Christmas I did a couple pieces, the Skull Candy (3 paintings) piece and also more owls.

Check em out below!

31st OCTOBER 2012

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!
Halloween is my most favourite holiday. maybe even better than christmas :) i love the fact that you can dress up and celebrate creepy, weird, supernatural stuff. this year my sister and I threw a killer party, and we created all the food for it.

i feel that the food and decorations themselves were art, and so i would like to show you all what we were busy doing the week leading up and more importantly  the night before! Enjoy! 

Check it out here!!

9th OCTOBER 2012

  • i now have created a Tumblr account!
i did this because on my new iPad (that I got for my birthday last Sunday) i have an app called "Made with Paper - 53" which i have decided to use as my digital #asketchaday outlet instead of always physically drawing in my sketchbook.

i will not only post the sketch days, but i will also make posts about quotes i enjoy, and photos i have instagrammed. 

check me out here!!

2nd OCTOBER 2012

  • i have uploaded my resume to this website instead of trying to direct people to my other webs.com site.
So check it out now!

25th SEPTEMBER 2012

  • i have created a profile on deviantART.com. it is a place where the public can see my artwork, and order prints online.
check my profile out here!

17th SEPTEMBER 2012

  • i started a inspiration challenge called #asketchaday, where i have taken a sketchbook and use it as my daily planner. the bottom half is used for my daily sketch. i will include what inspirations i have had for the sketches along with my daily doings and appointments and work schedule, (as anyone would in a planner).

check it out here!

16th SEPTEMBER 2012

  • i finally finished the piece "never let me go". this piece was completed on canvas with acrylic paints and gel medium image transfers. it uses some of my favourite parts of the song "never let me go" by florence and the machine, along with paintings completed with a palette knife in a checkerboard formation.

  • i also completed and published by "design portfolio" at Lulu.com check it out, and even purchase a copy if you so desire.

15th SEPTEMBER 2012

  • i have joined Pinterest and Instagram, follow me @tararobinsondesign

4th JULY 2012

  • today i bought my domain name to this site. the only way is up :)



  • i am a Junior Graphic Designer, looking for initial work to bulk up my portfolio. 

  • i have a range of different skills in which i use to capture my style in every piece of work i do.

my work

  • my main focus is graphic design, but i have many other talented aspects in the visual art spectrum.
  • feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. if you have any questions, please contact me.

my portfolio

  • my portfolio can be found here! :)
  • and the gallery of my work can be seen here!