2011 - last year was the first year my sister hannah and I threw a halloween party since my return from the united states. during college halloween was celebrated on a crazy level. Below is a few snaps from the party..

2012 - this year we wanted to go bigger and better! So we made all the food themed, the punch themed, and once again of course costume themed. Below is a range of the food, drinks, and costumes!


Coffin Brownies 

Witchy Fingers 


 Jack-O-Lantern Jello Shots

 Devilled Eyeballs

Petrified Cheese Log 

 Spooky Eyeball Punch

Poisoned Toffee Apples

Straight from the ground 

Brain & Heart 

Spinach Cob 

Whoopie Pie Spiders 



I created the Son's Of Anarchy cut by hand, along with the Cheerio pom poms, and my own Vampire makeup. 

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