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some of the hardest times in my life have sparked some of my best literary inspiration, and so i am, and will always be thankful for them -- tara robinson

 novel writing

I have been writing a novel called, The Space since 2006. 

It is about a girl named Madison Hartley, who has gone, and will go through many life changes in a short amount of time. Basketball is a major passion in her life, and when things gets tough she confides herself in a space she calls her own. 

Madison attends high school in a new town, with a new family. The people she meets along the way both shapes, and teachers Madison the lessons she needs to learn in life. 


I have used a website called to professionally print the first 5 chapters of The Space. The book has a full cover/blurb with introductory pages. Below is an Instagram post I took to sample the work.

This publication will be used for editing purposes, as it is not ready to be read by just anybody :)


I am also in the process of gathering ideas and notes for a sequel to The Space. I am hoping it is where Madison is finished with High School and must continue her journey at Junior College. But will she be able to cope with the pressures of becoming a woman and an adult, or will she quit and fall like she knows how to so well. 

 graphic novel writing/illustration

I took a class in college where I was to take a passage of literature and turn it into illustration panels. This inspired me to go further than this assignment and begin to turn my written novel into a graphic novel.

The graphic novel panels are sketched and finalised in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Drawing Tablet. It is then exported into Adobe InDesign where the novel aspect of the book takes shape. This allows me to add page numbers and ensure that all the pages are balanced and print-ready.

So far I only have 5 pages worth of panels, but I hope to complete the graphic novel once the paper novel is complete.

Below is the front cover of the graphic novel. 

The other pages can be seen here, along with a running blog of some of the process.

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