art has no limits, it only craves versatility -- tara robinson




2017 has already been such a huge year.

I got married in January, and our wedding was very much a DIY Wedding. From the flowers, to the artwork, to the cake and all the decor. I wanted my wedding to be crafty, and save money where I could doing things myself, or with the help of my Matron of Honour (my little sister)

I began writing my short story series "Aeron Aether" which was based on an original project called "Kali". I took the ideas from the previous project (which was supposed to start as a graphic novel) 


29th JUNE 2015

  • I began creating handmade jewellery with polymer clay and wire. have sold some jewellery already, but still have much much more in my stock.

  • I also have the Facebook Page up and running here!


  • Freelance artist with a degree in Graphic Design, but a passion for art in every form.
  • A vast array of skills are used to capture my personal artist style in every piece I do.

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